Haikus [2-01-09]

By Jake

Haikus once again
Will wrap up the week nicely
You should be thankful

Please leave a comment
I would be very thankful
And you will be blessed

Have a good morning
With One Year in Texas, please
It is rewarding

Futuristic Thai
The cuisine made with money
And giant lizards

At the school of rock
We will learn about Jesus
And Satan: who rocks

Mary gets an Alf
Trashcan and a book about
Lucille Ball. Nice!

Hi Katy help me
She gives great advice to you
You must follow it

In a comic strip
Black kids happen to be named
After Obama

Bub give us a tour
Of what he and Iris did
On Austria Day

A Dear John letter
Not to John, but sent to God
God must be upset

John Updike has died
His work will always live on
Unless we burn it

Walk through Australia
What do you see, but a wall
Made out of TV's

Mikey shares musings
About life's little foibles
It is a smash hit

How do you plan a
Successful orgy? Well just
Read the article

Bub urges us to
Save Darfur not because it's
Trendy. It needs it.

Taylor joins KHS
His jeans are extremely large
He has a fork fight

How Zapped! changed my life
Melonous breasts exposed
With Scott Baio's mind

Porn anal Texas
Tops the list of referrals
Of Google searches

The water squirters
Are the unsung heroes at
Outdoor festivals

Frying pan meets skull
Feelings of remorse subside
After 5 minutes

Does the Last Supper
Prove multiple dimensions
exist, well does it?

Letter to Donnie
From Jerry in Alphaville
A briefcase struggle

When Shad the baker
Give Brandi some chocolate
They are addicted


  1. I added a new feature to this so every haiku links to the article it his haikuing about.

  2. These are fantastic. I love the week in review

  3. Rihanna is nice,
    She probably reads haikus,
    You should send her these!

  4. I ICQ'ed her. Her screen name is Umbrellagurl32.

  5. haikus just wrap everything up so nicely. i feel as though i was secretly enlightened the whole week.


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