One Year in Texas Time Capsule

With over 1000 articles on this website from the last three years, some have become irrelevant due to timeliness.  Instead of letting these articles fade into nothingness like your grandfather’s ashes being scattered into a meadow, we are compiled a list of our least timely articles and are slapping it up in the navigation bar.  Perhaps future, semi-robotic versions of ourselves will read these and wonder why our civilization didn't collapse sooner.

Circuit City Closes its Doors by Jake

A Dialogue Concerning Website Banners by Bub

John Updike (1932-2009) by Glenn

The Decider (About Octomom) by Beth

Friday the 13th: Ideas They Could Have Used Instead of Rebooting by Jake

OYIT Crime Alert: Craigslist Killer by Glenn

Community - Not So Communal (That Sounds Witty, Right?) by Bub

Debate: The Balloon Boy Hoax by Jake and Glenn

Brittany Murphy’s Last Phone Call by Bub

Gallagher Smashes America by Jake

Debate: Should Jay Leno Return as Host of the Tonight Show? by Jake and Glenn

Tiger Woods’ Attempted Spanish Language Apology by Bub

Corey Haim’s Last Blog Post by Bub

Eclipse Movie Trailer omgggggggggggg by ashlee

Debate: Should Park51 be Built in Lower Manhattan by Jake and Glenn

A Letter to Ken Jeong and David Spade by Jake

TRON is the #1 Movie in the Country by Glenn

Shut Up About Charlie Sheen Already by Jake

Debate: Is Ted Williams “The Golden Voiced Homeless Man” A Role Model? by Jake and Glenn

I Miss You, Heidi by Jake


  1. truly deathless - or at least undead - some of em,anyway.

  2. For those of little perspective reflects only limited creativity and leaves them the ability only to be a critic with no justification or credentials.

  3. Hahaha! What the FUCK Swiggett? Why are you posting that horseshit on several articles?


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