Best of the Rest

Besides Glenn, Jake and Bub there have been several people who have also contributed to this site and made it the (marginal) success that it is today.  Maddie contributed heavily to One Year in Texas in the early days of this site but quit because she no longer loves us.  The rest of the people highlighted in this "Best of..." section are either in armed service now or in the cold, hard ground as corpses.

What's the Deal with Monster Trucks These Days? by Brad

World's Greatest Grandpa by Brad

Addicted to Chocolate: A Short Play by Scott N

Aron Ralston listenes to your stupid "horrible" vacation stories by Bryan

Womance: A Feminist Guide to Valentine's Day by Heather Joy

Coffee Wakes me Up: A Short Play by Scott N

Letter From the Rafters by Scott N

Getting Into Lady Gaga's Poker Face Part 1 by Gary

Movie Review from the Future: American Gladiators: The Movie by 2012 Gary

A Feminist's Guide to Dealing with Getting Dumped by Heather Joy

Help Me Get Organized by Heather Joy

Dissecting 50 Cent's "Candy Shop" by Gary

Cautionary Tales of the Vigilante Snow Plow Men by Nate

Getting to Know the Bad Girls Club by Gary

Summer of Hillary by Keelin

Pentagon releases official statement regarding leak of Young Jeezy's forthcoming album TM103 by Bryan

Kanye West Tweets From Important Moments in the Future: Kanye Joins the Hundred Year Starship Initiative by Bryan

What I Learned from...The Dark Knight (2008) by Bryan

On the New Facebook by Mary

Sincerely Sarah (4-19-12) (Future Week Edition) by Sarah

Hot Rod
Hot Rod's Guide to Surprise Parties by Hot Rod

Hot Rod's Guide to Polish Jokes by Hot Rod

Hot Rod's Guide to Earth Day by Hot Rod

Hot Rod's Guide to County Fairs by Hot Rod

Hot Rod's Guide to Oil Spills by Hot Rod

Tuesday Debate: Hot Rod vs Hot Rod - Is God Our President? by Hot Rod


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