Best Of One Year in Texas

From 2002
Interview with Aerosmith's #1 Fan by Jake and Glenn

Resurrect the OJ Jokes by Jake

Choose Your Own Adventure by Scott N

Best Popular Song: Cryin' by Glenn

The Tragic Break-up of Zack and Kelly by Jake

CAPTCHA! by Glenn

What's the Deal with Monster Trucks These Days? by Brad

World's Greatest Grandpa by Brad

Addicted to Chocolate: A Short Play by Scott N

Dear God by Jake

Aron Ralston listenes to your stupid "horrible" vacation stories by Bryan

Entries from my Dream Journal by Jake and Glenn

"Are you 45?": The technological barriers of age and age-related mentality in modern America by Glenn

Womance: A Feminist Guide to Valentine's Day by Heather Joy

Coffee Wakes me Up: A Short Play by Scott N

Is 4 Minutes Enough for Love? A Speed Dating Essay by Glenn

Tips on Surviving the Recession by Jake

TV Show Idea: Ione Sky and the Cloud Brigade by Jake

Au Jus...Oh My God! by Mikey

TV Show Idea: Who am I to Ask? by Jake

Letter From the Rafters by Scott N

"Never Leave Your Partner Behind" - A Review of Fireproof by Glenn

Getting Into Lady Gaga's Poker Face Part 1 by Gary

An Appointment with Fate (or, A Good Doctor is Hard to Find) by Bub

To Be Teen Wolf by Jake

Movie Review from the Future: American Gladiators: The Movie by 2012 Gary

A Patriot's Guide to Vegetables by Bub

A Feminist's Guide to Dealing with Getting Dumped by Heather Joy

The Diary of Dan Schanck by Bub

Bub's Public Joke File Vol. 3 by Bub

Help Me Get Organized by Heather Joy

Dissecting 50 Cent's "Candy Shop" by Gary

Dissecting Aerosmith's "Dude Looks Like a Lady" by Jake

Job Opportunity: The First Scam Bait by Bub

More Scam Bait

I Miss Dorothy by Bub

Miller Time Metamorphosis by Bub

You Might Be a Redneck If... by Bub

Gallagher Smashes America by Jake

Site Review: 11 Points by Glenn

Oscar Predictions 2K10 by Glenn and Jake

Cautionary Tales of the Vigilante Snow Plow Men by Nate

The Bayside Gang's First Day of School by Jake

Who is Your Favorite President by Jake

Five Non-essential Firefox Personas by Jake

Bub's Public Joke File 4 by Bub

Local Business Showcase: Futuristic Thai by Bub

Secret Shopper by Bub

Runaway Train by Bub

Tiger Woods' Attempted Spanish Language Apology by Bub

Existential Meditations by Bub

Getting to Know the Bad Girls Club by Gary

First Round of Submissions : One Year In Texas Annual Good Morning Miami Fan Fiction Contest by Bub

Corey Haim's Last Blog Post by Bub

Talkin' New York by Glenn

April Fool's Day: Don't Do It by Glenn

Scam Bait: Bolo by Bub

Seattle's Best Part 1 and Seattle's Best Part 2 by Glenn

Hooded Stranger by Bub

Divine Subway Intervention by Bub

Listmania by Bub

Bub's American Life by Bub

Why'd You Do It? by Bub

Congressman Bub's Letter of Resignation by Bub

On ALF Season One Episode 11 by Jake

The Goose and the Gloryhole by Jake

OYIT's Poetry Corner by Jake

Iris' Story Corner: Cowboys vs Dinosaurs by Iris

Facebook Testimonies by Jake

Judge Judy: Burrows vs Britt by Bub

Bub's Public Joke File: World Cup Edition by Bub

Lindsay Lohan: Truthful Actor in the Role of Life by Jake

The Night Parade by Bub

Summer of Hillary by Keelin

Places to Meet a Significant Other by Jake

Spymate: A Movie Review by Jake

My Life at the Washington District Library by Jake

God's Country by Jake

My Autumn Article by Jake

Visit Great Grass America Theme Park! by Bub

Jumping into a Pile of Leaves Should be Illegal by Jake

Pentagon releases official statement regarding leak of Young Jeezy's forthcoming album TM103 by Bryan

Kanye West Tweets From Important Moments in the Future: Kanye Joins the Hundred Year Starship Initiative by Bryan

A Portrait of a Bathroom Graffiti Artist by Jake

What I Learned from...The Dark Knight (2008) by Bryan

Tron is the #1 Movie in the Country by Glenn

Hot Rod
Hot Rod's Guide to Surprise Parties by Hot Rod

Hot Rod's Guide to Polish Jokes by Hot Rod

Hot Rod's Guide to Earth Day by Hot Rod

Hot Rod's Guide to County Fairs by Hot Rod

Hot Rod's Guide to Oil Spills by Hot Rod

Tuesday Debate: Hot Rod vs Hot Rod - Is God Our President? by Hot Rod

Bobby Langston
Bobby Langston Blasts...Health Care Reform by Bobby Langston

Bobby Langston Blasts...Baby Killing by Bobby Langston

Bobby Langston Blasts...Lack of School Prayer by Bobby Langston

Oil, What is it Good For? Absolutely Everything by Bobby Langston

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